About us

Dear visitors of our homepage!

"Plan your retirement early and you might find out why they call it your golden years!"


Surely you would like to know more about the people „behind“ this homepage. That is why on this page, we want to shortly introduce ourselves to you.
My name is Anita. I am a teacher, but I retired from work life in July, 2005, after nearly 40 years and I am now enjoying my newly gained spare time. A big part of work I had to do in my job as a teacher was training other teachers in fundamental EDP knowledge and the administration of school networks. Though I studied in my hometown Cologne, I have lived since 1977 together with my family in the south of Munich. We are quite comfortable in the beautiful Bavaria that soon became our second homeland. We have two adult children, Anke and Jan. Both of them work and live in Munich since they have finished their studies. What am I doing now with all this newly gained spare time? Well, I am definitely not getting bored. Currently, I am intensively engaged in our homepage´s compilation and maintenance. Furthermore, I support Dieter in planning and preparing our upcoming journeys – if hopefully we stay fit and healthy. But there is also a world beyond computers: Bicycling and hiking – just to tell two more of my hobbies – to which the wonderful environment we are living in here really invites us.


My name is Dieter. I have a diploma in engineering and worked in this profession until my retirement in April, 2004. I studied communications and high-frequency engineering at the technical university of Aachen. After having finished my studies and a conferral of a doctorate, I was bound for Bavaria where we - as Anita already said - began to feel home very quickly. My passion for hiking is one thing I share with Anita. Together with our children - when they were still young - we were desirous for quite a few "hiking awards" in the Bavarian and Swiss mountains. Our passion for travelling - especially to places far away - is what we gave to our children, as well! That may explain my second hobby: Making movies of our trips. Though, editing videos on my computer is always very time-consuming since I try for creating well analyzed documentaries so that no important information is lost even after a long time.